Another injured Cardinal…… :(

Something is attacking my cardinals. This little guy was sitting on the bird bath and not moving for way too long. He has lost the long feathers on both wings. I don’t see any other injuries but who knows. What is attacking my birds????


    • Yeah, I don’t know who got him. Someone suggested a hawk. I don’t know. I haven’t seen any cats lately but bou bou was screaming about something right before I found the cardinal. He seems OK but so did the other one, hopefully he makes it through the night..

    • Yeah, I know, he didn’t make it 😦 My dislike for cats seems to be growing in direct proportion to my love for birds. I did find out that my vet will treat wild birds. It wouldn’t have mattered with these two, I didn’t catch either of them until after hours, and I hope there isn’t a next time but if there is…

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