Injured Cardinal Caught

In case any of you read my last post… Did you? Does anyone read my blog anymore? I guess it’s my fault I never post anything, anyway…………….. I caught the cardinal that has somehow become separated from her tail 😦 I don’t know too much about cardinals, except that they love sunflower seeds. This is the first time I’ve seen her in my yard. She seems alert and she is eating. I can’t tell how badly, or if, she’s injured. She’s a girl right? She’s awfully red….Maybe she is young? Any cardinal experts out there?


  1. Looks like a juvenile male. Could be a female, it’s difficult to tell from the photo, but the bird does look young. Adults have a bright orange beak.

    Do you have a wildlife rehabilitator in your area? They will know how to get get him healthy and release him back into the wild. While they won’t imprint on humans, they can lose their fear, which makes it difficult to successfully reintroduce them into the wild.

    • Thanks for the response. We have a retired wildlife rehabilitater in the next county, I called her, haven’t heard back yet. Someone said it might be a fright molt but he can’t fly, one wing looks a little wonky. At least he’s eating. I don’t see any blood but he’s bald in the back, hard to get a really good look though.

      • Oh, I’m sorry. He probably had other injuries that were not obvious. Unfortunately they are difficult to rescue. Most of the ones I take to the wildlife rehab don’t make it either. But at least we try.

  2. I can’t see her well enough, but she, seems like a him, not a her.
    I can’t see the tail at all.
    He is eating which is so awesome, and means he likes being with you.
    Give him food and water. And google what a rescued cardinal needs.
    It sounds like you have a pet Cardinal.
    He chose you.
    Lucky you!

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