Doy Yah Vay! Raven

Doy Yah Vay Raven
24 X 17 X 15 in

My little bou bou screams “Doy Yah Vay! Doy Yah Vay!” every time he sees something he considers dangerous, a cat, a dog, snake, ravens, turkey vultures, eagles, etc. He’s been watching me make birds – big birds – for years and never screamed at them, but this one was different. I had it drying outside on the air conditioner unit and he freaked out and started screaming at it through the window. So this is the Doy Yah Vay raven. I’m taking it as a compliment. If anyone knows if “Doy Yah Vay” means anything in any language I’d love to know, bou bou came to me with this word already in his vocabulary.

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