Super Simple Awesome Everyday Bread Recipe


So I have finally perfected my bread baking and I’m getting consistent results so I feel confident in passing along my recipe! So here we go…

3 cups warm water (Use good water)

1 teaspoon white sugar

1 tablespoon active dry yeast

1 tablespoon salt

7 – 8 cups flour

A bit of oil (I prefer olive oil but vegetable oil works too)

Step 1: Add the sugar and yeast to warm water and let proof. 15 minutes

Step 2: Stir in 1 cup of flour and beat until smooth. Cover and let rest for 20 minutes.

Step 3: Add the rest of the flour or enough flour until it is cool and smooth and not sticky. Oiling your hands helps. Do not beat up the dough, fold it over on it self until thoroughly mixed. Add salt and fold it over again until mixed in.

Lightly oil a bowl and place the dough in the bowl to rise. Cover with a cloth and put it in a warm place. This is important, if it’s too cool you will not get a good rise. It needs to double in size.

Step 4: Once it is double the size, gently fold it over on itself. I do 3-4 times and then leave it. Do not beat up your dough. Put it back in the bowl, cover, and let rise until it is doubled again.

Step 5: Once it’s doubled again, fold it over on itself again 3-4 times. Split the dough in half shape it into balls. Put it on a lightly oiled and very lightly floured pan. I use my pizza pan. Turn the oven on to 450 and let it preheat while the dough is rising again. Cover with a cloth and let it rise until doubled.

Step 6: Once it’s risen, lightly slice three times the top of each loaf and put it in the oven. Bread is done when golden brown and sounds hollow when tapped on the bottom. 20-30 minutes


After it cools I slice it, wrap each slice in saran wrap and freeze it. When I want a piece I can pop it in the toaster oven, so I always have fresh bread. Do not keep it in the fridge. Good luck! Fresh bread is the best 🙂


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