Caught in the Act – Bird Attack

I started filming about 2 minutes after this attack started. Usually it’s just one or two kicks and I can’t get to the camera in time, but Bleu was exceptionally aggressive today.

This is becoming an everyday occurrence whenever they are on the front window perch. 😦


  1. Wow. Territorial?

    My birds can’t be out at the same time. They don’t always fight, but when they do they are so fast I’m afraid I won’t be able to separate them in time to prevent injury.

    • I don’t know but Bleu needs to knock it off.

      Bleu is going to lose a toe one of these days. Bou Bou seems to be tiring of it (not that I blame her!), she has started fighting back a little and before she was just screaming at Bleu.

  2. I have one bird that bullies another occasionally, and I separate them or the bullied one flies into another room. I’m glad I’ve not seen so much aggression that I’m in fear for the other’s safety. Good luck!

    • I’ve been chasing Bleu off the perch but now she hesitates to step up so it’s backfiring on her trusting me – but I can’t let her attack Bou Bou. I shut her in her room today so Bou Bou could have some peace. If it’s get’s bad, Bou Bou would definitely win the fight, thank God she is a patient bird.

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