Caught in the Act – Bird Attack

I started filming about 2 minutes after this attack started. Usually it’s just one or two kicks and I can’t get to the camera in time, but Bleu was exceptionally aggressive today.

This is becoming an everyday occurrence whenever they are on the front window perch. 😦



  1. Wow. Territorial?

    My birds can’t be out at the same time. They don’t always fight, but when they do they are so fast I’m afraid I won’t be able to separate them in time to prevent injury.

    1. I don’t know but Bleu needs to knock it off.

      Bleu is going to lose a toe one of these days. Bou Bou seems to be tiring of it (not that I blame her!), she has started fighting back a little and before she was just screaming at Bleu.

  2. I have one bird that bullies another occasionally, and I separate them or the bullied one flies into another room. I’m glad I’ve not seen so much aggression that I’m in fear for the other’s safety. Good luck!

    1. I’ve been chasing Bleu off the perch but now she hesitates to step up so it’s backfiring on her trusting me – but I can’t let her attack Bou Bou. I shut her in her room today so Bou Bou could have some peace. If it’s get’s bad, Bou Bou would definitely win the fight, thank God she is a patient bird.

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