Thumbelina Sculpture


9/1 So here she is all painted and sitting on her bird. I think I redid her face five times, it’s so tiny! If it doesn’t rain today, I’ll sand him down and paint him too. I was going to make this hanging but I may put it on a stand, not sure now.


8/30 WIP shot of the Thumbelina piece. I’m working on a series of miniature sculptures of some fairy tales that have birds in them, Thumbelina is first (she has the best bird). Thumbelina is the fairy tale of a little tiny girl that escaped having to marry a mole by flying away on a swallow’s back. 🙂


It’s fun reading these stories again.

I was looking through my fairy tale book today and there are only a few with birds in them so I might just do them all.

I’m back on FB too: I’m trying to use hootsuite to post everything at once to all these sites but not sure it’s working out.. we’ll see.


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