My Sweet Bou


So I had to go out of town for a few days and this is the first time bou bou hasn’t come with. She and Bleu stayed with our sweetheart of a vet for four days. It was a long four days for the vet, bou bou screamed the entire time. I know because I called to check on her. I expected bou bou to be pissed when I picked her up, but no… she was a little sweetie pie. She sat on my chest and rubbed her head on me for 20 minutes. This is a bird that will let me scratch her occasionally, and grudgingly accepts kisses on her little head – because that’s just gonna happen. She’s never been so sweet. I think she’s happy to be home. 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Sweet Bou

    1. I know! She’s usually pretty quiet. Hopefully she will be calmer next time, She didn’t know that I’d be back so it’s understandable that she was upset Thank God I didn’t bring her with me though, I was stuck on the side of the road for four hours, in the heat, without any water, waiting on a tow truck. Unpleasant for me, probably would have killed her.

    1. I missed her too 🙂 I always thought people that had birds were rather odd, and there is nothing I dislike more than screaming, and now here I am, in love with a little screaming bird.

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