My bird is a bully


So now when Bou decides she’s hungry, Bleu jumps on the food bowl. She has her own bowl with her own food but she jumps on Bou Bou’s bowl every time Bou tries to eat.


So Bou Bou gives up.


Then I give Bou an almond so she can eat in peace and Bleu tries to steal it from her.

Bleu has turned into a little bully. I’ve had to lock Bleu out of the cage so Bou Bou can eat! I’m wondering if I should clip her wings? It’s something I swore I’d never do but Bou Bou can’t fly well, and I think Bleu is bullying her because of it 😦


    • Yeah, I have two cages but wouldn’t I just have to keep them locked up? They do want to be together. I’m worried about Bou Bou too, she is flying more than she normally does and I think she is only doing it because of Bleu, she damaged a wing when she attacked a dog and she doesn’t need to fly as much as she is, I don’t want her to hurt herself. My vet told me that it’s common for birds to bully other birds that don’t fly as well 😦

      I’m working on training Bleu to be nice, we’ll see how that goes, I don’t want to clip her.

  1. Bleu is female? Females are generally a lot more territorial. I volunteer at a bird rescue shelter and when we have bully problems at the food dish I usually add a couple more small food bowls… so maybe give Bou two bowls? I know, more work!

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that the female budgies and lovebirds will often “claim” the large seed bowls as their nest box and sit there so no other bird can use it – which is why when I add bowls I use small ones. Bleu might be hormonal right now and could go back to being her old self in few weeks. I wouldn’t rush to clip her wings.

    • Thanks, Bleu is a girl and she does sit in the large food bowl (Bou’s bowl). I’ll add another bowl, not sure that will stop her from trying to take food out of Bou’s mouth though…

      I’m against clipping so no worries, no rush there. 🙂

    • Pecking order… those words have new meaning to me now. Bleu is intent on establishing her place in it, that’s for sure. She was picking on Bou Bou yesterday, and she knows I don’t like it. It’s funny because even though Blue was picking on her, Bou Bou tried to protect her every time I tried to separate them.

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