“Sin is the Cause”?


Life is Short
Death is Sure
Sin is the Cause
Christ is the Cure

The first two, OK. I agree. The last one, OK sure, for a lot of people that’s true, but the third one? Cause of what? Life being short? Death? What does this mean?!?!!?!!?


6 thoughts on ““Sin is the Cause”?

  1. What a big statement! So provocative and I agree with you. I must say the third one is definitely wrong or could be expressed better. I went to a funeral two days ago for a beautiful person who was a devout Christian. She died too early – which makes this third line senseless.

  2. It means the same as all religious texts – more stuff to scare people, confuse people and gain power over people.
    Thanks for your likes.
    Best wishes Opher from Opher’s world. – I like your bird pictures!!

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